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Conditions Treated By Our Chiropractors in Santa Barbara

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Here at Advanced Chiropractic Group, we provide natural wellness treatment for many acute and chronic conditions. Whether you struggle with chronic pain, experience muscle stiffness due to overuse, or were recently injured in an accident, let us help you find wellness without the use of prescription painkillers. 

Sports Injury

Whether you fell on the field or developed an overuse injury, we can treat it with a combination of natural methods. Our chiropractors use instrument-aided as well as manual adjustments to relieve inflammation and promote tissue healing. Percussion massage and myofascial release break apart scar tissue, release muscle tension, and help you recover. When you are pain-free, we will show you corrective exercises designed to boost your strength and range of motion, so you can make a full recovery and return to sports. 

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a sign that something's wrong. Let our chiropractors assess your spine and make adjustments that relieve subluxations or misalignments of the spine. This work relieves pain and inflammation at its source, ending the cycle of chronic back pain. If we find a slipped disc associated with your back pain, we can stretch out the spine to naturally reverse a herniated disc. 

Chronic back pain is a complex injury that has many potential causes. We can determine the right cause of your back pain and suggest lifestyle shifts you can make to decrease pain going forward. 

Neck Pain 

Neck pain is a common side effect of poor posture, poor workplace ergonomics, and texting. Like back pain, neck pain has many different causes. We will find out whether you are unwittingly making movements that strain your neck and suggest ways to enjoy a healthy, pain-free neck and spine. 

If left untreated, neck pain can increase the frequency of headaches and migraines. Chiropractic adjustments of the cervical spine restore neck alignment, loosen muscle tension, and relieve pain naturally. 

Auto Accident 

Auto accident injuries leave your body feeling stiff, sore, tight, and out of whack. A common auto accident injury, whiplash, sets on after the impact. The main symptoms are tension and limited mobility in the neck, accompanied by pain. For any auto accident injuries, we can do a health check and develop a treatment plan to relieve pain. Our chiropractic therapies work together to promote cellular recovery, relieve inflammation, and heal injuries. 

Workplace Injury 

If you are hurt on the job due to heavy lifting, improper ergonomics, a falls injury, or anything else, we can provide natural relief. Rather than traditional care like medication or rest, we will heal the injury while strengthening your body through a program of corrective exercises. 

Visit our Chiropractors in Santa Barbara

Our chiropractors welcome new patients who have any of these conditions and want to explore the chiropractic approach to treatment. To reserve your appointment, speak with us about your condition and how we can help, and change your life, please call (805) 681-7322 today. 


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