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Car Injury Treatment FAQ santa barbara, CA Advanced Chiropractic Group questions on how to treat pain or injuries from a car accident

If you've just experienced an auto accident, you may feel understandably confused and unsure of what to do during this chaotic, unsettling time -- and when all that havoc is accompanied by an injury, the situation gets even more confusing. But don't worry -- your Santa Barbara chiropractor at Advanced Chiropractic Group (Dr. Michael P. Hergenroether, Dr. Michael S. York, Dr. James A. Cochran,  Dr. Justin or Dr. Neils C. Larson) can answer your questions and guide you toward the right kinds of natural, non-surgical treatment for your needs. Here are some frequently asked questions about our car injury treatment services.

Your Santa Barbara Chiropractor Answers: Frequently Asked Car Injury Treatment Questions

If I feel all right, can I stop worrying about a possible injury?

Unfortunately, you can't always tell whether you've been injured after a car accident. Many symptoms don't present themselves until much later, by which time you've missed a valuable opportunity to get that injury treated before it can grow worse. Always get a spinal screening after an auto accident, no matter how you feel!

How can I recognize whiplash?

Whiplash occurs when your head flies forward/backward with great force in an impact. This damages the soft tissues, causing not just pain but also stiffness. Additionally, nerve impingement in the cervical spinal area may cause neck pain, headaches, facial pain, jaw pain, dizzy spells, vision/hearing problems and other symptoms.

Why are my legs hurting? I didn't injure them.

A jolt to the lower lumbar spine can cause serious misalignment, and this can cause discs to bulge or herniate onto the sciatic nerve roots. The results, known as sciatica, may include leg pain, tingling and numbness in the legs or feet, buttock pain and muscle weakness in the lower extremities.

How does chiropractic adjustment help?

Chiropractic adjustment can correct an acute misalignment created by an auto accident. Your Santa Barbara chiropractor can apply precise amounts of force to the exact areas that need to be realigned, This can reduce nerve impingement (which rids you of your neurological symptoms), relieve muscular strain and help you heal normally.

What if I find manual spinal adjustments uncomfortable?

In many cases we can use instrument-based techniques such as Activator or Impulse Adjustment to perform precise, effective corrections with a minimal amount of force. We can also use massage and other techniques to loosen the muscles beforehand.

What other treatment methods could I benefit from?

We provide customized care regimens to treat your individual symptoms and issues. In addition to chiropractic adjustment and Active Release Technique, we may also prescribe such methods as massage therapy and cold laser therapy to relieve soft tissue pain and inflammation, increase blood flow and accelerate healing.

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