The Role of Chiropractic Care in Physiotherapy

Treating an injury does not end right after you undergo surgery or receive medication. Often, physiotherapy must also be included in your recovery program. Allow us at the Advanced Chiropractic Group in Santa Barbara, CA, to help with that.


Why Do You Need Physiotherapy?

Before we discuss why you should consider going to a chiropractor in Santa Barbara for physiotherapy, let’s talk about why you may need it first.

Typically, undergoing physical therapy becomes a necessity if you are injured.

If you had a bad fall while playing basketball, you could twist or even break your ankle. Surgery may be required to address the injury, but physiotherapy may be useful to ease pain without needing medications.

You may also be required to undergo physiotherapy if you recently had a stroke or a heart attack. Physical therapy can help your body recover after enduring a traumatic experience. Physiotherapy is not just for serious injuries. It can also be helpful if you are dealing with chronic pain.

The activities involved in a typical physiotherapy session can help ease your pain and restore your range of movement if it was previously compromised. Continuing your physiotherapy sessions can eventually help you reach the point where your body feels completely healthy.

How a Chiropractor in Santa Barbara Can Help with Your Physiotherapy

Manual therapy is one of the aspects of physiotherapy. You can head to a chiropractor from our practice and have them adjust your body so you can experience relief from pain. They can also use massage therapy to help address your injuries.

Apart from those treatment methods, our chiropractors can also use certain tools to speed up your recovery.

Therapeutic ultrasound can be used to stimulate circulation in certain parts of your body. Doing that should help injured body parts recover faster. Cold laser therapy may also provide stimulating effects for healing.

Our chiropractors can also customize exercise programs that will aid in your recovery. As you make progress through your physical therapy, they can also alter the exercise program to better suit your needs.

If you encounter any issues during your physical therapy, you can also discuss them with your chiropractor. They will help you find a solution.

Seek Chiropractic Care with Us if You Need Physiotherapy

Reach out to us at the Advanced Chiropractic Group if you need help with your physical therapy or chiropractic. Visit our Santa Barbara, CA, clinic or call us at (805) 681-7322 today to get started on your chiropractic program.


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