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Chiropractor going over possible bulging discs that occur in the spine

Welcome to Advanced Chiropractic Group, where our Santa Barbara chiropractor provides back pain treatment using no medication. We treat slipped herniated and bulging discs. Learn causes and symptoms of a bulging disc, then find out how we can relieve your pain with no medication. 

What is a Bulging Disc? 

A bulging disc occurs when the gel-like fluid inside your spinal disc ruptures the envelope, pushing out of the disc. The bulging disc can then irritate your nerves, causing pain. 

Bulging discs occur for many reasons, so it's often difficult to diagnose a particular cause for your pain. General wear and tear lead to many bulging discs. 

Age is a common cause of bulging discs. As you age, your discs lose elasticity and spinal fluid, so they are more prone to injury. Genetics and obesity increase your odds of developing a bulging disc. 

If your job requires heavy lifting, you may be more susceptible to a bulging disc. 

Degenerative disc disease and poor posture play a role in bulging disc development as well. 

Symptoms of a Bulging Disc

In some cases, a bulging disc is asymptomatic, and you do not feel any pain. 

Generally, people who have a bulging disc feel back pain. Some may experience a pins and needles sensation or muscle weakness. Muscle spasms can occur. 

The pain can radiate into the extremities, depending on where the bulge occurs. For instance, a bulging disc that compresses the sciatic nerve may cause pain that radiates into the legs and buttocks. 

How Our Santa Barbra Chiropractor for Back Pain Relieves a Bulging Disc

We combine therapies to relieve your pain. To reduce inflammation and painful symptoms, we may use a cold laser. The laser particles penetrate your tissue, reducing swelling and pain naturally. 

To reverse the bulge in your disc, we'll make Diversified chiropractic adjustments to the spine. Our adjustments gently stretch and flex the spine to restore the natural length and alignment. The pressure of adjustments turns the spinal column into a vacuum, where the bulge is sucked back up into the disc. As we make these adjustments, spinal fluids travel the spinal column. These fluids nourish your discs, promoting recovery. Our adjustments keep the spinal column healthy and reduce back pain. 

Chiropractic is the ideal treatment for a bulging disc since it's a whole person method of care. Rather than simply treating the bulging disc, we'll make sure your whole back -- even your whole body -- is healthy.

As part of your care, we'll demonstrate stretches and corrective exercises to reduce back pain, recommend nutritional supplements, and offer lifestyle advice to keep you in great shape. Retraining your posture can decrease the odds of recurrence.

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