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To those who suffer from them, headaches interrupt daily activities and sometimes even affect your life.  Just getting through the day – particularly with a migraine – can be a struggle.  If you experience pain, a visit to our Advanced Chiropractic Group office can find ways to give you headache relief in Santa Barbara.

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Understanding Headaches

Many people are surprised to learn that healthcare providers recognize 150 distinct kinds of headaches.  These are the ones we most often see in our practice:

  • A tension headache.  Sometimes referred to as a stress headache, it is the type adults and adolescents most commonly experience.  Pain usually is mild or moderate.

  • Migraine.  Its hallmark is pain that throbs and pounds.  Patients might also experience sensitivity to smells, light, or noise; nausea, vomiting, and other digestive upsets; auras; or appetite loss.  A mixed headache is a combination of a migraine and a tension headache.

  • Cluster.  This intense headache creates a piercing or burning pain behind the eyes.  Pain might be constant or intermittent.  Although rarer than the rest, it is the severest.

  • Other common types.  Some of our patients complain of sinus headaches, traction headaches that get progressively worse, or headaches linked to changes in female hormones.

If you experience headaches, there could be dozens of possible reasons.  According to our doctors of chiropractic, these are the most common causes:

  • Genetics

  • Triggers in the environment

  • Conditions such as sinusitis

  • Emotional stress

  • Changes in daily routines such as sleep patterns

  • Changes in the weather

  • Mechanical issues in your neck

How to Get Headache Relief in Santa Barbara

Achieving headache relief in Santa Barbara begins with a comprehensive evaluation by one of our chiropractors.  This exam identifies any potential misalignments or functional problems in your neck joints that could cause headaches.  It includes asking questions regarding patient activities such as:

  • Vehicular accidents or falls

  • Computer use and other daily habits

  • Exposure to environmental irritants such as smoke

We provide a thorough physical exam for nerve function by checking your muscle strength, reflexes, and sensations and look for the presence of TMJ.  The exam often includes X-rays to evaluate your ligaments.

Our chiropractors help patients achieve relief from headaches with a combination of professional treatment and self-management.  In the office, our treatment approaches include the use of adjustments, myofascial release, and trigger point stimulation.  Patients can also take a number of self-management steps for relief.  We offer education in these self-care areas:

  • Corrective exercises to do at home

  • Job modifications

  • Identification of environmental triggers

  • Symptom journaling

  • Healthy sleep, nutrition, and exercise habits

  • Use of digital products such as computers and cell phones

Schedule an Appointment with One of Our Santa Barbara Chiropractors

Are headaches disrupting your life?  Headache relief in Santa Barbara begins with calling our Advanced Chiropractic Group office at (805) 681-7322.  Our doctors of chiropractic offer more than 70 years of combined treatment experience.  Schedule an appointment today to get back the quality of life you deserve.


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